Tim Kennedy Announces Retirement

It is not with a heavy heart Tim Kennedy announces his retirement from the octagon, but with the knowledge and aptitude to understand when to call it quits.

Other fighters it may take two or three beatings to realize they are done in the MMA world. But with Tim you must understand something, he is incredibly smart and talented, and not just in the ring, but in every facet of his life.

Sure, he could have made the excuse of having to cut twice in a short period and over training when his first fight was canceled, only to bounce and say I’m ready to go again. He would have fought back to back fights, with little or no recovery time if you let him. And that’s just who he is. But you will never here an excuse come out of this man’s mouth, he just doesn’t make them, ever. This comes from being a decorated Special Forces Green Beret and just an extremely motivated individual. You don’t come across guys like him often. His work ethic and discipline is like no other. If you have ever spent even a day with him, you would understand.

A part from owning a handful of successful companies, Tim will train 2 to 3 times day and be constantly moving. He knows what he must get done and he gets it done. Following him around is exhausting, even for a semi fit guy like myself. I also consider myself not a lazy guy, but when your around him, he makes you feel lazy. That’s his work ethic, and that’s what sets him apart from everyone else. He will take a challenge head on and complete it to the best of his ability.

Tim is the modern-day Renaissance man, a soldier, fighter, entrepreneur, TV personality, trail blazer and family man. He is what a lot of American military soldiers strive to be. That bad ass freedom fighter that if put in front of danger will protect everything he loves and not waiver. He will continue to do great things and be in the spot light because that is what he does. His MMA career is over but Tim is far from over. I am extremely excited to see what is in store for him in the future and very blessed to call him a friend. Thank you for the years of great fights and hard work, Tim. Thank you for continuing to serve this great country of ours, and thank you for being you.

Written by: CEO Matt Mrwik

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