What Is A Woobie?

A WOOBIE is a line item of military issued field gear officially known as


Originating from the Vietnam era, this item is used as a lightweight, easily packed, and field expedient blanket that can be used in many different environments and applications. The item has properties that gives service members warmth and comfort even when wet. Many military and veteran personnel have called their poncho liner a “WOOBIE” throughout time. We look at the WOOBIE in a very high regard and service members take pride in finding a way to keep their WOOBIE throughout their travels serving their country and as a veteran. The WOOBIE is timeless, universal and is known as one of the most valued items issued by the military.

The WOOBIE is close to our hearts and we take pride in the poncho liners we own. We had no choice but to name our brand WOOBIES. We stand by the principles of lightweight, easily packed, and field expedient footwear that can be used in all applications. Our shoes are durable, timeless, universal and very comfortable. We take pride in WOOBIES and you will to.